Stretch Film Recycling

Stretch Film recycling should be important for any business receiving goods with stretch wrapped objects. Manufacturers of stretch film have began to use alternative resin formulas to help reduce environmental impact. These films are stronger and use less petroleum than traditional stretch wrap products. The reduction in waste and lowered petroleum consumption helps to lower the impact on the environment, but users can also help with recycling.

Stretch film is made from Linear-Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). This form of Polyethylene is found in a variety of products. Aside from stretch film, LLDPE is used across a variety of industries. Some common products include: containers, trash cans, auto parts, and wire coating. It can be used as a thin film that provides puncture and tear resistance or can be molded into a variety of products. Because it is used in a large variety of products, recycling is common and a standard practice across the United States.

Stretch Film Recycling code is 4

Stretch film should be recycled with the the Low Density Polyethylene recycling code of 4. What does the recycling code mean? The recycling code is used to help identify what a material is made from. These codes help to enable smoother recycling operations and transactions between recyclee and recycler.

Most cities do not offer a curbside recycling option for a code 4 product. Because many companies use these plastics to produce their products, business drop-offs and pick-ups are often available in many areas. Most recycling centers will offer a list of products and codes they are capable of recycling. If your local recycling center does not offer recycling for code 4 products they can often guide you in the right direction or may offer an affiliate drop off bin.

Once the stretch film reaches a recycling center capable of recycling, the process is the same as most other plastics.

1. The plastic is washed

2. The plastic is shredded

3. The plastic is extruded

To learn more about the extrusion process, visit our stretch wrap 101 page to learn more. The recycled stretch film can be made into a variety of products used in multiple industries. Products that come from recycled plastics include: can liners, packaging envelopes, flooring, and landscaping products.

We encourage all of our customers of users of stretch film to actively try an find a recycler in the local area and begin recycling as soon as possible. The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers Membership list is a great place to start. If you can not find anyone close to your location on this list, try your local community website, they often have a list of recycling centers available and easy to find.

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