Pre Stretch Film Comparison

Pre stretch film uses a traditional gauged stretch film and stretches the film up to 90% of the maximum stretch rate. Once the film is stretched, it is rolled onto the roll. There are several advantages to using a pre stretch film. Below are a few reasons to use pre stretch film as well as a video showing the elasticity of pre stretch film compared to traditional stretch film.

Reduced Waste

It is very common for workers to not reach the full stretch potential for a standard gauged stretch film. Reaching the maximum amount of stretch is a a vital factor when using stretch film. The maximum stretch helps to secure loads and also uses the film at full capacity. Users applying a standard gauged stretch film reaching maximum stretch potential every wrap can make a stretch film roll last much longer than users not reaching the full stretch potential. That is one of the main advantages to a pre stretch film. The film is already stretched up to 90% of maximum stretch potential. This ensures users will use the majority of the film on the roll.

Reduce Worker Fatigue and Injury

When applying a standard gauged stretch film, users have to wrap pulling hard to reach full stretch potential. Workers can easily exhaust themselves walking backwards and applying the film. This fatigue can often lead to injuries. With a pre stretch film, workers can apply the film walking forward and not pulling near as much as a standard gauged stretch film. This helps to reduce worker fatigue and injury.


One of the most attractive advantages of pre stretch film is the price. Because the maximum film capacity is being used, the film rolls are much more affordable than standard film rolls. They are also lighter and shipping fees are much more affordable as well.

Below is a video showing the elasticity of pre stretch film compared to a traditional stretch film. You will see that during transport you want a film that will stay tightly wrapped around loads. Call us at 1-800-441-5090 if you have any questions.

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