North American Pallet Wrapping Machines and Materials

With material shortages causing shipping delays and longer lead times, domestic sourced products can be enticing and help support North American workers. There are plenty of companies to consider whether desiring machinery or consumables. This post will highlight a few pallet wrapping machines and film manufacturers in North America.

Some machines can cost more on the front end but save on repair headaches over time. Pallet wrapping machines and material manufacturers often sell to local distributors that should know about the products. When problems arise, parts and services usually are more accessible than many intercontinental options.

North American Made Pallet Wrapping Machine Manufacturers

Lantech – Arguably one of the most well-known stretch wrap manufacturers in the United States. Since the ’70s, Lantech has pioneered many breakthroughs in the packaging industry. Lantech offers a full line of pallet handing machines. Famous for their turntable wrappers but capable of custom builds and add-ons upon request.

Lantech does not stop at pallet wrapping; they also offer case erectors, case sealers, and more. Purchases can be made through a wide selection of distributors. Lantech feels a local supplier can help better assist the needs of each customer. Always watch for new packaging innovations from Lantech and their team in Louisville, KY.

Highlight Industries – Located in Michigan, Highlight Industries has been around for over forty years. The company builds a full line of stretch wrapping machines and stretch wrap testing equipment. The testing equipment can show everything from load force to pull tests. In addition, to wrapping products, Highlight also offers case formers and sealers, strapping systems, and hand wrapping tools.

Parts and troubleshooting for machines are available. They have an extensive network of distributors, with many capable of helping with troubleshooting if needed. Highlight also has machine technicians that will travel for machine repair if required.

Cousins Packaging – Based in Mississauga, ON, Canada, with distribution through the United States and Mexico, Cousins offers pallet wrapping machines to fit multiple industries. Focused on more than turntable pallet wrappers, they offer rotary arm, inline, and portable pallet wrappers.

Cousins also has an in-house engineering department capable of designing several machine add-ons and custom machines. Scale additions, roping attachments, and additional safety features are all available as machine upgrade options. Cousins also develops several inline conveyor wrapping systems capable of continuously loading and wrapping pallets.

Wulftec – Based in Quebec, Canada, Wulftec makes a broad and diverse line of turntable pallet wrappers, inline wrappers, and horizontal applicators. For over 30 years, Wulftec has been offering unbeatable stretch wrapping strength and automation.

Typical industries served are, but are not limited to, the agricultural sector, food processing, brick and block, and more. Wulftec is now owned by the Duravant family of products, which serves many other packaging and processing lines. Distributors are worldwide with regional sales reps all over the United States and Canada.

Orion – Under the ProMach brand, Orion offers a large selection of pallet wrapping equipment that emphasizes on advancing pre-stretch capabilities for maximum stretch wrap efficiency. Orion offers semi-auto rotary pallet wrappers, fully automatic rotary and inline wrappers, specialty wrappers, and the ability to design a machine to fit almost any need.

With a distributor network across North America, Orion machines and representatives are readily available from Canada to Mexico. Their Minnesota headquarters hosts periodic training seminars for distributors, sales personnel, and specific customers. The ProMach brand of companies offers a complete line of capabilities to accommodate filling, bottling, handling, labeling, pharma, and more.

Phoenix – Phoenix wrappers are made in Canada and available in semi-automatic rotary, fully automatic rotary, full auto inline, and custom options. Known for durability, Phoenix pallet wrappers are often said to be “built like tanks.”

Assistance can be easily found with representatives in the United States and Canada. Parts are readily available, and on-site technical service can be scheduled if needed. Phoenix is owned by Pacteon Group, which owns a portfolio of companies focused on automated packaging machinery.

North American Made Pallet Wrap Extruders/Manufacturers

Berry Global – Produces a wide range of products within the packaging industry and in many other sectors. They offer a large selection of stretch wraps for hand and machine applications. In a commitment to sustainability, berry also offers a recycled stretch film. Made from recycled materials.

Distributors all over the United States offer Berry stretch film. With blown and cast options available, loads of all sizes and shapes can be secured with Berry pallet wrap and covers. Berry’s extensive research and development team constantly pushes the needle in packaging innovations.

Sigma Stretch Film– Multiple extruding facilities throughout the United States help to set Sigma apart from the competition. The largest privately owned extrusion group in the United States offers pallet wrap in cast and blown extrusion for hand and machine applications.

Other markets served are agricultural silage wrap, furniture bags, janitorial and cleaning bags, hygienic films, and more. Sustainability is a top priority for Sigma as they continue to provide quality polymer materials with the environment in mind.

Signode – Signode is the transit packaging division of Crown Holdings. Employing over 9,000 employees across six continents worldwide, Signode makes complete systems to provide packaging solutions. They are an innovative force within the sector with a focus on transit packaging consumables, machines, tools, and software.

Signode pallet wrap is available in many different resin formulas for hand and machine application. Signode features a PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) film made from up to 30% recycled products. Reducing environmental impact while still providing blown and cast extrusion options. For standard pallet wrap, many choices are available, from pre-stretched materials to high performance.

Intertape Polymer – Known for a wide range of reliable tape products, Intertape produces blown and cast pallet wrap in modern production facilities. A large selection of resin formulas is available to fit both machine applications.

Their pre-stretch Orbit Air wrap costs less per load and reduces film waste. The blown hand and machine film offers superior tear resistance and stretch. Intertape sells to distributors across North America. Find everything from construction and industrial tape to poly mailers made by Intertape Polymer.

Malpack – A Canadian company that has seen tremendous growth in the United States and Canadian pallet wrapping markets since the early 2000s. Malpack began extruding in 2015 with many years of experience in stretch film conversion. Malpack offers hand, machine, and specialty stretch films.

With a focus on cast equivalent pallet wrap, multiple levels of stretch and puncture resistance exist to choose from. Multiple resin blends for both hand and machine applications are available. Malpack has a distribution network across the United States and Canada.


If you have been experiencing longer lead times or limited service, a North American manufacturing company may be able to assist. You should find a vast network of distributors knowledgeable of the machines and materials you are interested in. Remember that not all packaging distributors will sell and be familiar with all brands. Find the closest distributor from the manufacturer’s website.

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