Common PTFE Coated Sealer Tape Sizes

Common PTFE Coated Tape Sizes for Heat Sealers

Heat sealer tape is made from fiberglass and coated with PTFE commonly know as Teflon™. Common names include PTFE Tape, coated fiberglass tape, Teflon tape, and heat sealer tape. The main reason PTFE tape is used during heat sealing is because of its ability to resist heat.

The heat resistant tape can be placed over sealing wires, under sealing wires, and on bumpers, the sealing wire is pressed against to make a seal. PTFE coated fiberglass tape is used on the majority of heat sealers around the world. Everything from manual heat sealers to fully automatic sealers use a PTFE coated fiberglass tape. Below are commons sizes of tape and how each size can be used on different heat sealers.

½” PTFE Coated Tape

The narrower ½” tape has two common uses when used on heat sealers. For manual impulse sealers, the ½” tape is used under the wire sealing element. The tape keeps the element from making direct contact with the metal sealer frame.

For high-speed machines, the ½” tape is used for added protection on top of a wider tape. The ½” tape is often thicker than wider tapes and helps to increase protection when coming into direct contact with the heat sealer.

¾” PTFE Coated Tape

I bar sealers and wire L bar sealers use ¾” tape over the sealing wire to protect from film build up. Over time, black residue builds upon the sealing wire and causes poor performance. The ¾” coated tape protects the sealing wire from residue build up.

Over time residue will build upon the tape and it will need to be replaced. Keeping the tape replaced before the wire burns through it will increase the life of the sealing wire tenfold.

2” PTFE Coated Tape

The 2” coated tape is often used over manual impulse sealing wires. As mentioned above, keeping the tape replaced over the sealing wire is important in preserving the life of the sealing wire.

For higher output machines, the 2” coated tape is used a base tape layer of protection from the sealing bar. The 2” tape is placed on the bumper coming into direct contact with the hot sealer. After the base layer of 2” tape is applied, a thinner ½” tape is placed over it for additional protection.


PTFE Coated or Teflon™ coated heat sealer tape should be the most consumable part for a heat sealer. Replacing tape when burn-throughs and excessive residue build-up occurs will increase the life of other sealer parts.

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