Portable Shrink Wrap Machines

Portable shrink wrap machines are small, simple, and effective. Portable shrink wrap machines can be very beneficial for companies wrapping small runs in multiple locations. Below is a list of three portable shrink wrap machines perfect for attaining a professional look while small enough to be easily mobile.

  1. Impulse Sealer + Heat Gun

Probably the most common and most portable machines on the list. Impulse sealers look like a stapler. The top sealing bar is raised and lowered. Once lowered, the sealing bar engages the sealing wire and heat is applied to the shrink wrap to create a seal.

After the seal is made, the heat gun is used to apply heat to the film. The heat shrinks the film conforming it to the product being wrapped. The heat gun and sealer each require a 110v power supply.

Heat guns are small and weigh a few ounces. They can easily be packed in a briefcase or backpack for quick and easy mobility. Impulse sealer weigh under 10 lbs depending on the size and can be easily moved from place-to-place. Most users prefer shrink bags for simplicity when using impulse sealers. We recommend no more than 100 -200 products daily with this machine.

  1. I-Bar Shrink Wrap System

An all-in-one system that comes with everything needed to begin shrink wrapping. The size of sealing bar needed can play a large roll in the portability of the machine. Each machine comes with a film rack and separator, sealer, heat gun, and roll of film.

The smaller 13” I-Bar system is 20” long x 12” wide x 17” tall with the heat gun rack. In contrast, the largest 40” I-Bar system is 47” long x 12” wide x 17” tall. All systems are great for tabletop placement and only require 110v power source.

Small 13” and 18” I-Bar systems can easily be placed in the backseat of a car or placed on a cart for easy transportation. Larger 24”, 32”, and 40” machines still weigh under 60 lbs. and can be moved with ease from area to area.

  1. Portable L-Bar Sealer

The portable 13”x13” L-Bar sealer is perfect for quickly wrapping smaller products. The machine weighs less than 35 lbs and can be used with a heat gun or shrink tunnel.

The advantage of the portable L-Bar sealer over the other two machines on the list is the ability to fully seal open ends of a centerfold shrink film. This doubles production speeds for users wrapping large runs of products.

The dimensions of the portable L-Bar sealer are 23” long x 19.5” wide x 6.5” tall. The sealer can easily be placed on a small tabletop and transported by one person.


Every portable sealer recommended in this post uses a wire sealer. They each use a heated wire to melt and mend the shrink film together. It is important to always keep an extra sealing wire on hand because of the need to replace wires over time.

If any additional information is needed for portable shrink wrap machines feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090 or shop online at uspackagingandwrapping.com.

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