Poly Bags are Here!

We are now offering a full line of poly bags available for shipping anywhere in the United States. Polyethylene bags commonly referred to as poly bags have thousands of uses across multiple industries. All of our bags are FDA approved for food storage. See below for the thicknesses of bags we are offering.

1 mil flat poly bags1 Mil – Considered Lightweight economy poly bags. Commonly used for food products and other lightweight objects.

2 Mil – Standard strength bags, the most multifaceted bags offered. A very versatile bag thickness offering good puncture resistance and great clarity.

3 Mil – Medium Strength bags used for heavier objects with some sharp points and edges.

2 mil flat poly bags4 Mil – Heavy duty bags capable of handling most jobs. Ideal for heavy objects with sharp points and edges.

6 Mil – Extra heavy-duty bags commonly used to package nails, screws, tacks, and other objects with very sharp points.

All of our poly bags are available in multiple sizes. Most sizes begin at 2″x2″ and some thicknesses have up to a 56″x60″ bag available. All bags can be closed with tape, staples, twist ties, or sealed with an impulse sealer.

We offer quantity based discounts on all poly bags and products. Our first price break for poly bags begins at five cases. Feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090 or click here for a quote on five cases or more. All poly bags sizes and thicknesses can be found here.

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