New Food and Meat Wrapping Machine

We are proud to announce a new product offering. After a long search we have found a great food and meat wrapping machine to offer our customers. For years we have sold meat and produce film rolls to companies across the United States. We have never offered a meat wrapping machine before.

This machine is a great option for a variety of businesses including: delis, butcher shops, grocery stores, farmers markets, bakeries, and more! This machine can accommodate film rolls up to 20 inches wide. We offer two types of film in multiple thicknesses to work with this machine.

Produce-FilmProduce Film- Offers a green tint and ideal for a variety of fruits and vegetables. Rolls available up to 18 inches wide and 5000 ft. long.

Meat-filmMeat Film- Ideal for everything. Offers a clear crisp look and available in multiple widths and 57, 62, and 70 ga. thicknesses. Widths are available up to 20 inches wide. The most common thickness found in most super markets is a 62 ga. thickness.

Below are some product details and specifications,

AIE Food and Meat Wrapping Machine

AIE Food Wrapping Machine

MSRP: $330

Sale Price: $290

115 Volt

80 Watt Electric Cutting Wire

15″x5″ Heated Fabric Hot Plate

Since this is a new product offering for us, we do not have any video for this specific machine. Below is a video from our South African friends Mipaq Packaging showing how a meat wrapper works. The machine they are using is not an AIE machine, but does function the same way.

If you hve any questions about this machine call us at 1-800-441-5090. If you would like to place and order for any wrapping film or the food wrapping machine, click on the images above.

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