Does Shrink Wrap Work?

Does shrink wrap work for frozen products? Does shrink wrap work for protecting products? Does shrink wrap work for storing Question Markproducts? All common questions anyone interested in using shrink wrap for packaging or storage would ask. We are going to take the time and look at some common questions answering when does shrink wrap work and what type of shrink wrap should be used for different scenarios.

Determining the shrink wrap you are asking about

As explained in previous blog posts, the term shrink wrap is a very broad term referring to a variety of products often related to the packaging industry. The most common misconception is pallet stretch wrap being referred to as shrink wrap. Shrink film is a material that shrinks when heat is applied. Pallet stretch wrap is a plastic material that offers stretch to stabilize pallet loads and bundle product together. Heat is never applied to the stretch film to shrink the plastic.

Once you determine you are inquiring about heat shrink wrap, there are a variety of questions that may arise. See some common questions below and feel free to ask us some in the comment section if you do not see one you would like answered.

Does shrink wrap work with a hair dryer?

Depending on the type of shrink wrap you are using a hair dryer can be used, but is not preferred. When using a PVC shrink film a hair dryer can be used because of the low shrink temperature required to shrink the film. It is not recommended because of the time it takes to shrink each product. For low output operations, spending the extra money for a heat shrink gun is worth it. It offers more heat which shrinks the film more efficiently.

Does shrink wrap work to keep products dry?

Most any type of a packaging shrink film is placed around a product, the open ends are sealed, and then heat is applied. To allow air to escape the film once sealed, a tiny hole is often punched into the film. These holes keep the shrink wrap from being completely waterproof when fully submerged in water. Shrink wrap does protect products from moisture but does not make them fully waterproof.

Does shrink wrap work with products sensitive to heat?

There are a variety of shrink wrap materials available on the market. Many of them have low shrink rates. Most products can be used with a heat shrink wrap if matched up properly. A PVC shrink film would be a great option for most heat sensitive products. Many candle makers and soap makers use a PVC shrink film because of the low shrink rate offered.

Does shrink wrap work for protecting stored products?

Absolutely, shrink wrap is a great option for protecting stored products. Ideal for keeping products safe from dust, moisture, and pests.

Does shrink wrap work in extreme temperatures?

Some types of shrink wrap perform really well with extreme temperatures. PVC shrink wrap is not one of these films. It is often very sensitive to extreme temperatures. Polyolefin is excellent in both extreme cold and hot temperatures. A thicker polyolefin shrink wrap is a great option for freezer storage products.

Does shrink wrap work for food packaging?

Yes, polyolefin shrink wrap is FDA approved and a great option for food packaging. It is an excellent choice for low output operations as well as high output operations.

Does shrink wrap work when packaging very large objects?

Once again the right shrink wrap will work great for packaging very large objects. Typically the preferred film for this is a polyethylene shrink wrap. Polyethylene film is often much thicker than PVC and Polyolefin. It is often used to wrap large objects for transport and storage.

With the many different types of shrink wrap available in the market, shrink wrap does work to protect and store almost any product. The main objective is to use the proper film that will meet your needs. We specialize in PVC and polyolefin shrink wrap products. We do offer polyethylene shrink bags to wrap pallet loads as well. If you have any questions call us at 1-800-441-5090 or visit us online.

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