U.S. Packaging & Wrapping To Offer Ziplock Bags

We are happy to announce we now supply a large selection of ziplock bags. Ziplock bags are a great addition to our product offering. They are often used in both food and industrial packaging. A great option for bakeries, deli’s, butchers, restaurants and more. Manufacturers and resellers use ziplock bags to contain and protect multiple products.

We have our ziplock bags broken down into three primary categories for easy browsing and shopping.

Mini-ziplockMini Ziplock BagsAny bags with a width of less than three inches. The mini ziplock bags are often used for small parts and pieces of products. They are all FDA approved and safe for direct food contact. The length of our mini bag sizes range from 1.5″ to 8″. We offer two thicknesses for mini bags. The standard strength mini ziplock bags come in a 2 mil thickness. These bags are very comparable to the thickness of residential use ziplock bags. The heavy duty mini bags come in a 4 mil thickness. They are a great option for objects with sharp corners and edges.

small-ziplock-bagsSmall Ziplock BagsThe small ziplock bags are any bag between 3-6 inches in width. These ziplock bags have the most sizes available. With lengths up to 12 inches, the small ziplock bags are often used for everything from packaging bread to packaging instruction manuals. As mentioned above, all small ziplock bags are FDA approved for direct food contact. We offer small ziplock bags in 2, 4, and 6 mil thicknesses. As explained above, the two mil is a standard strength, the four mil is a heavy duty, and the six mil thickness is an extra heavy duty strength.

large-ziplock-bagsLarge Ziplock Bags Large zipock bags are considered any bags over seven inches in width. The large ziplock bags we offer are made to accommodate large heavy products. The largest ziplock bag we offer is a 24″x24″ bag. Made to fit over three gallons of liquid! The large bags come in 2 mil, 4mil, and 6 mil thickness. See below for common bag sizes.

7″x8″ = 1 quart

8″x10″ = 1/2 gallon

10″x12″ = 1 gallon

13″x15″ = 2 gallon

We also offer custom sizes of ziplock bags. Minimum orders are required for custom orders. Call us at 1-800-441-5090 to request a quote for custom bags or quotes over 10 cases.

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