Vented Stretch Film ShowCase

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Vented Machine Stretch Film
Air-Flow Extended Core
Vented Hand Stretch Film
Air-Flow Vented Handwrap
Extended Core Vented Stretch Film
Air-Flow Machine Grade Premium
Premium Vented Stretch Film For
Machine Applications
Vented film with Fruit CansPremium Vented Stretch Film stretches 200% works on all stretch wrapping equipment. Air-Flow is a proven solution for the agricultural, medical and beverage packing industries.
Vented Stretch Film for
Hand Applications
Airflow and cerealHand Vented Pallet Wrap is a stretch film with die cut holes for ventilation. Air-Flow comes in two die cut variations: Standard and Premium Air-Flow meets many industry challenges.
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Can Air-Flow Solve
Your Problems?
Airflow and MayoDo you need a stretch film that allows your products to breathe? A stretch film that allows moisture to escape? Do you want to reduce spoilage and save from product loss?
  5 Reasons Why You
Should Buy Vented Stretch
Airflow and squash1. Reduce Condensation on Products, 2. Faster and even Cooling for products, 3. No Freeze Flashpoint Makes it ideal for Freezer applications, 4. Excellent elasticity reduces waste, 5. Airflow vented stretch film offers excellent strength

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