Primary Packaging With Shrink Film

The Benefits of using Shrink Wrap For Primary Packaging

Businesses are constantly looking for means to reduce overhead. One area that may go overlooked is storage within yourMoney-Sign warehouse and transportation expenses. There are ample opportunities to save money and space within your warehouse and during transit. Using shrink wrap instead of corrugated packaging materials, fiberboard, or clam shells for primary packaging can save your business money and space.  We are not suggesting abandoning corrugated materials all together, but using shrink for a primary packaging. By wrapping individual products in shrink wrap, products are protected from external elements at an affordable price. Once individual products are shrink wrapped a large corrugated box can be utilized to contain and transport product to the reseller or end user.

Cost Effective

Shrink wrap is often less costly than other storage, display, and transportation materials. Corrugated materials and fiberboard weighs more than shrink wrap, adding more expenses to every truckload of materials you deliver. Initial set-up and materials for clam shell packaging are often costly and not preferred by customers. Additionally, since shrink wrap conforms to the shape of the object, there is less wasted space during transportation which provides you with the ability to ship more merchandise. Purchasing shrink film is often much cheaper than purchasing corrugated materials, fiberboard, and clam shells. Using shrink wrap instead of corrugated materials means the end users, the reseller, and the manufacturer all  have less bulky material packaging to handle.

Less Floor Space in the Warehouse

Using other materials for primary packaging often times does not maximize storage efficiency, especially when products have flat and symmetrical edges. The shrink film conforms to your products and can help to maximize storage space. Using shrink film in your warehouse provides more storage space for your products. More storage space is beneficial to your business during peak seasons. You want your business to be able to deliver when your customers request your products. Delays and back orders resulting from poor inventory management may lead to dissatisfied customers which, will ultimately impact your bottom line. Do not allow the inability to store more products to be the demise of your customer base; choose a storage option that maximizes your floor space.

Shrink Wrap Protects Your Merchandise

Seasonal changes bring dust, moisture and variations in temperature. The proper shrink film is your business solutions to all of these problems. It helps protect your products from dust, moisture, and other external factors. It helps ensure the quality product you manufactured is the quality product your customers receive. Merchandise stored and shipped with corrugated materials can be tampered with and then quickly and easily be resealed. If someone tampers with shrink wrap, it is evident and easily detectable.  Minimizing product loss during transport and storage is another great reason to consider shrink film for primary packaging.

Shrink Wrap is Customizable to Your Specific Business Needs

Regardless if you are shipping food, equipment, toys, etc.  shrink wrap can be customized to fit your business needs. Different materials and equipment can be used to customize the process to fit your application.  Shrink wrap can also be customized by thickness. If your business needs require shrink wrap that is thicker you have the ability to make changes based on your requirements. A thicker shrink film is often preferred for heavier products or products experiencing higher transportation stress.

Shrink Wrap is Versatile

Whether you require refrigerated products or products that can sit on the warehouse floor, the proper shrink film for your products can be a cost efficient solution. Your products can go straight from the truck to the freezer without any transition or additional handling that requires additional personnel and time. Beyond storage options, many products of various shapes and sizes can be shrink wrapped.

If you have any questions or would like some recommendations on the proper shrink system set up give us a call at 1-800-441-5090 and we would be happy to discuss your options.

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