Printed Stretch Wrap & Shrink Wrap

We offer a variety of options for printed stretch wrap, stretch film to our clients. We often get inquiries from people wanting printed PVC or Polyolefin shrink wrap. There is nothing we would want more then to offer a printed heat shrink wrap to our clients. All of the printers that we have spoke with inform us that printing on the shrink wrap before heat is applied is not a problem. The problem is what the print will look like once the shrink wrap has had heat applied.

The shrink wrap we offer has up to a 40% shrink rate. Anything that is printed on the wrap prior to being shrunk will be distorted after heat is applied. We recommend companies to have stickers printed and then place them on the shrink wrap after heat is applied. This is a much more cost effective way of using shrink wrap for packaging yet still advertising with it.

One thing we do offer and sell a lot of, is printed stretch wrap. Printed stretch wrap can serve a variety of uses, but most commonly it is used for advertisement. We have had companies order printed stretch wrap to help detect tampered loads. If a pallet load is broke into and the thieves want to conceal the evidence of their crimes they can easily have a roll of clear stretch film on them and re-wrap the pallet after they have removed choice items. If you wrap your items with a printed stretch film it is hard for someone to duplicate.

We recommend companies to print on either a white or clear stretch film. They both offer the ability for the logo or print to stand out.  The clear stretch film is the cheaper option to print on, but the white stretch film really helps to allow logos to stand out.

We require a 1 pallet minimum for printed stretch film, payment is due up front after an initial mock up is prepared and a print contract is signed. Normally it is a 3-4 week lead time once payment is received. We would be happy to prepare a custom quote for your business.  Click on the contact us link or call us at 1-800-441-5090.

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