Shrink Wrap Systems Pt.2

This is the second post of a series highlighting some different shrink wrap systems we recommend. Our last post focused on low output operations and some shrink wrap systems that may match well with them. This post is going to focus on medium sized operations doing a fair amount of volume.

A common shrink film and equipment combination many medium sized businesses choose is a centerfold PVC shrink film paired with an L-Bar shrink wrap sealer. The centerfold shrink wrap roll sits on a roller and allows quick and easy film dispensing during the sealing process. You can see the roller on the L-bar sealer where the shrink roll is resting.

The centerfold shrink film is placed on the roll folded in half length-ways. The product is to be placed in the crease of the fold and then sealed on the open ends. Below is an illustration of the product placed in the centerfold shrink film.

Once the product is placed into the crease of the centerfold shrink film, the L-bar sealer seals and cuts all open ends in one motion. This makes sealing and cutting easy and efficient.

The type of heating element you need will depend on the amount of output you are forecasting. A heat shrink gun is still a possibility when dealing with small to medium output. If you are looking for an efficient way of applying heat to your products after they are sealed and cut, a shrink tunnel may be the way to go.

We do not currently offer shrink tunnels online, but we do sell them and would be happy to get you a quote if you feel a shrink tunnel would be a good fit for your operations. Visit our quote form page and explain what you are looking for. One of our sales associates will be happy to assist you.

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