Shrink Wrap Systems

We often get calls from people who are wanting to know which kind of a shrink wrap systems they need for their operation. Many time we get people who are just getting started with production and need something easy to use, efficient, and something that offers a professional look. We also get calls from people with medium sized operations looking for new machines or possibilities of improving their production.

In this post we are going to focus on shrink wrap systems for lower output operations. Ideal shrink wrap systems for people or companies that are expecting low volume.

We often recommend a shrink wrap impulse sealer for companies with lower output. We offer two options for shrink wrap impulse sealers. Round wire impulse sealers and flat wire impulse sealers. Round wire impulse sealers offer the ability to seal and cut in one motion. Flat wire sealers do not offer the ability to seal and cut in one motion, but are more economical and we offer wider widths in the Flat Wire Sealers.

You will also be interested in a heat shrink gun to shrink your products once they are sealed. We offer a couple of heat shrink guns ideal for that. Heat shrink guns are great to give your shrink wrap film a professional and consistent look. Heat shrink guns offer the ability to maintain consistent temperatures to help avoid holes and uneven shrinkage.

Below is a quick review of some products recommended for low output or beginner operations.

1. Centerfold shrink wrap, shrink wrap bags, or shrink wrap tubing, depending on the application.

2. Hand impulse sealer

3. Heat shrink gun

If you have any questions about which shrink wrap film, impulse sealers, or heat shrink guns to use feel free to call our sales department at 1-800-441-5090 Ext. 1 for sales. The next post we will highlight some different shrink wrap systems for medium output operations.

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