Pizza Shrink Film to Protect and Secure!

Pizza shrink film sheets are perforated sheets on a roll for quickly tearing as needed. Used in deli’s, supermarkets, and pizzerias around the world, pizza shrink sheets help to cover and protect pizzas. Most pizza shrink film is made from food-safe polyolefin shrink film. The thickness may vary from manufacture-to-manufacturer, but a 60 gauge thickness is common. The thinner film will allow for more effortless opening once ready for consumption.

After the pizza is prepared, users place the pizza with a corrugated round on the pizza capper platform. A sheet of shrink film is placed over the pizza. The heat from under the capper platform will cause the shrink film to shrink and conform around the pizza. As the film shrinks, the pizza is rotated and the material is tucked under the bottom of the pizza round. As the film shrinks to the bottom of the pizza, the top is pulled tightly around the pizza toppings to hold in place after wrapping is finished.

The sizes of shrink film can vary from 16-inch sheets up to 30-inch sheets. The sheet size needed is determined by the pizzas being wrapping and the desired amount of bottom overwrapping. For overwrapping and covering the majority of the pizza bottom, a film double the size of the pizza being wrapped is needed. An 8-inch pizza would require a 16”x16” shrink sheet. For less overwrap on the bottom, a 10-inch pizza could be used with 16”x16” sheets. Larger sheets do take longer to shrink and can have excess film hanging from the bottom.

Most pizza can be wrapped within seconds. A label can quickly be placed onto the package for branding. Premium pizza shrink film is anti-fog for freezer storage. It prevents fog build-up and allows products to be easily displayed after frozen storage.

Pizza shrink film rolls in stock can be found here. Pizza cappers are available in many different brands. An American made pizza capper can be found here. If you have any questions about pizza shrink film and pizza capping, call 1-800-441-5090 or shop online at

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