How To Order Printed Stretch Film

Printed stretch film offers load security and stability while branding all pallets with company logos and artwork. It is a great way to advertise while pallets are in transport or in storage. Printed stretch film rolls cost more because they offer more. Below are common steps required when placing a custom printed order.

1. Understand Minimums & Pricing

The minimum order quantity is 1 pallet. The pallet minimum is due to the amount of set up and takes down time per print job. For hand stretch film rolls one pallet is 192 rolls. For machine stretch film one pallet is 40 rolls. Of course, the machine rolls are much longer than hand rolls. Pricing varies depending on the number of colors in the print and the type of film being printed on. Most pallets of printed stretch film cost in excess of $5,000.

2. Determine Stretch Film Color & Thickness

The color of the logo and the product being wrapped will determine the best stretch film color choice. Clear offers the least expense, but will not make a logo pop. White is the most common color printed on because of the ability to make logos and artwork standout. Logos with mostly white artwork can be printed on a black film as well. Both black and white logo stretch film is opaque and perfect for load concealment.

The film thickness should also be carefully considered. If you have a preferred thickness, we recommend keeping that thickness. New users should use a film thickness guide to help determine the right thickness of the film. The most common thickness is 80 gauge. Stretch film printing cannot be done on an extremely thin film. We recommend nothing thinner than 60 gauge for printing.

#3 Provide Artwork to Determine the Number of Colors for Printing

We do not edit artwork. Finished artwork must be supplied by the customer to accurately make a plate for printing. Once artwork is supplied, the number of print colors needed can be determined and a digital proof can be made. The digital proof will detail the size of the printed logo and placement on the film.

#4 Pricing and Paperwork

After the film color and print colors are determined, pricing and plate fees can be calculated. Complicated logos with multiple colors and designs may have higher plate fees than simple lettering designs. A plate must be engraved for first-time print jobs. Engraving fees are only required on the first order. After pricing is agreed upon, we require the printed proof to be signed and returned.

In addition to the signed proof, customers also fill out a wind sheet. The wind sheet details how the logo should be printed on the rolls of film. See the image below for an example of the wind direction.

#5 Down Payment and Lead Time

Down payments are required on custom jobs to begin the production process. After payment is received, the job is placed in line. Normal printed stretch film lead times range from 3 – 6 weeks depending on the time of year.


The decision to order a pallet of branded stretch film can be difficult because of the cost. Most companies ordering printed film order it for advertising purposes while still accomplishing load security at the same time. It is a perfect option to have on any pallet of products that will be exposed to many potential customers. This exposure can be during transit or most often during storage. Any pallets stored in areas with high traffic should use printed stretch film. If you have any questions about printing on hand or machine film call us at 1-800-441-5090 and we would be happy to assist.

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