Printed Poly Bags for Amazon Packaging

Printed poly bags are an excellent way to brand packaging, secure product shipments, and are 100% recyclable. Amazon packaging guidelines specifically identify poly bags to be used for packaging products with high scent, liquids, and products that may spill and destroy other shipped items.

Below is a screenshot of the requirements from Amazon for poly bag packaging.


All poly bags over 5 inches wide used for Amazon packaging need to have a suffocation warning printed on them. The screenshot above gives an example of what needs to be printed on the bag. These requirements keep most Amazon sellers from being able to buy standard stock poly bags. A custom print is often required for this warning unless the supplier has a generic suffocation warning.

Keep in mind the required font size in relation to the bag size being used. We have seen sellers have products sent back from FBA facilities due to not following packaging guidelines.

We recommend adding a logo or branding to the bag being used. Printing contact info is a great way to provide customers a way to find where they purchased products from.

Many other prints are recommended when packaging products for Amazon. For shipping electronics and products sensitive to electrostatic discharge we recommend a printed static shielding bag. The sealed bag will prevent static from reaching the product and the print on the bag will tell customers details about the product.

U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC. offers low minimums and fast turn-arounds on custom printed poly bags for Amazon packaging and retail packaging.

The process is easy. All we need are details of the bag size and thickness with artwork desired to be printed. We can provide minimum quantities and lead times within the same day. Most lead times are less than 3 weeks. All printed orders over $1500 ship free. Call 1-800-441-5090 for details.


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