Protect Products From Electrostatic Discharge

Static discharge can be incredibly damaging to a variety of products across multiple industries. Electronics and flammable products are most commonly effected by electrostatic discharge. We are going to highlight some primary and secondary anti static packaging options for static sensitive products. The proper packaging material will help reduce product loss from static discharge.

Common flexible or plastic packaging materials that protect from static discharge include an anti static additive within the resin mixture. The additive is a chemical that makes the surface of the material resistant to static charging. Many anti static additives attract moisture to create a layer on the surface of the material that is not conductive.

Conductive and shielding materials are also commonly used with static sensitive products. Both conductive and shielding products create a Faraday Cage around enclosed products. A Faraday Cage blocks external static electricity by channeling the electricity around the bag or tubing.

View some common packaging products below that are often used to protect products from static discharge.

Anti Static Poly Bags and Tubing – The anti static additive eliminates the static charge found in case packed poly bags. Anti static

Anti Static Tubing and Bags!
Anti Static Tubing and Bags!

poly bags and tubing are excellent for wrapping individual or bundled products sensitive to static discharge. Another advantage to eliminating static from primary packaging such as poly bags and tubing, is the reduction of dust and other particles attracted to statically charged materials.

We offer sealable static bags and tubing in 2 and 4 mil thicknesses. We also offer reclosable anti static bags in a 4 mil thickness. Our sealable anti static bags and tubing can be used with hand-held impulse sealers or high speed machines. They provide excellent puncture and tear resistance to product products from exterior elements. We have the ability to have custom widths, lengths, and thicknesses produced upon request. Call us for minimums and lead times.

Anti Static Stretch Film – We offer anti static stretch film in both hand and machine rolls. The anti static stretch film uses the same additive found in our anti static poly bags and tubing. Most customers choose anti static stretch film for secondary packaging and securing of full pallet loads of electronics or flammable materials. Many users wrap chemical and flammable drums on pallet skids to protect from electrostatic discharge.

We stock hand rolls of anti static stretch film in 18 inch widths and machine rolls in 20 inch widths. We can have a variety of sizes and thicknesses custom produced. Minimums on custom anti static stretch film are pallet quantities with normal lead times being 2 – 3 weeks.

Conductive Tubing and Bags
Conductive Tubing and Bags

Conductive Bags & Tubing – Conductive tubing and bags are completely opaque and fully conceal enclosed products. All conductive tubing and bags are made from layers of carbon loaded polyethylene to protect products from static discharge. Conductive bags and tubing are normally a great option for obtaining the same advantages of the anti static bags and tubing while still obtaining a completely concealed opaque primary packaging.

All conductive bags and tubing are heat sealable 4 mil thick layered polyethylene. Tubing rolls are offered in 750 ft. lengths and bags are offered in case quantities of 100.

Static Shielding Bags – Static shielding bags are transparent bags that offer Faraday Cage Protection. All static shielding bags are layered bags composed of an anti static exterior. Another interior layer of the bags is made from aluminum to help conduct static charge around the bag.

Static shielding bags are available in a 3 Mil thickness in width from 2 – 24 inches wide. Each case contains 100 bags. We offer quantity discounts beginning at five cases. Call us or request a quote online for quantity pricing.

If you have any questions about packaging for static sensitive products, call us visit us online at

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