Packaging Bag Options

There are a variety of options to consider when looking for packaging bags. The proper packaging bag can offer product protection, enhance product appearance, bundle multiple objects, and offer an affordable way to package products. Retailers and wholesalers around the world choose to use a packaging bag for large and small objects.

The proper packaging bag can also increase packaging efficiency. Many of our customers choose shrink bags because of the need to only seal one side of the bag. Reducing the number of seals increases seal efficiency and reduces cost of equipment for small start-up businesses. In this post we will detail a few options we offer and other options available that we do not offer.

PVC Shrink BagsAn excellent option for business owners who want to display products in a clear packaging. PVC shrink bags arePVC Shrink Bags clear, easy-to-use, and efficient. PVC shrink bags are also often used to package multiple objects. Common objects often bundled together with PVC bags are: CDs, DVDs, books, stationary, and more. Below is a quick price break down per unit of some popular PVC shrink bag sizes.

6″x7″ (Fits CDS) $.036 Per Bag

6″x9″ (Fits DVDs) $.039 Per Bag

8″x12″ (Fits Magazines and other Paper Objects) $.062 Per Bag

12″x16″ (Fits Large Objects or Multiple Product Bundles) $.105 Per Bag

All prices listed are based on 1 case orders. Price breaks begin at 5 cases. Price breaks for PVC shrink bags are 5, 10, 20, 40, and 100 cases.

Polyolefin Shrink BagsOne of the major draw backs of PVC shrink film is that it can not come into direct contact with food products. Polyolefin bags are FDA approved for direct food contact. Many bakers, confectioners, delis, and other food producers use polyolefin shrink bags to package and display products. Polyolefin is a superior film compared to PVC. It offers a different texture Polyolefin Shrink Bagsand reduced odor when sealing. Below is a cost break down for popular polyolefin shrink bag sizes.

4″x6″ (Fits Cookies and Other Small Baked Goods) $.04 Per Bag

6″x6.5″ (Fits CD’s, Muffins and Other Baked Goods) $.048 Per Bag

12″x16″ (Fits Large Baked Items and Other Products) $.138 Per Bag

Prices listed are based on 1 case orders. Price breaks begin at 5 cases.

Poly BagsPoly bags are made from polyethylene film. Poly bags are not shrink bags, but offer many benefits. One of the main benefits poly bags offer is the thicknesses they are available in. Poly bags are sold up to a 6 mil thickness. That is 5 times thicker Poly Bagsthan the heaviest shrink bag available.

Another benefit to poly bags is the ability to use different closure methods. Poly bags are often sealed, stapled, taped, zip-locked, or twist tied for closure. Poly bags can also be printed of to display a custom logo or print. We offer a large variety of poly bag thicknesses and sizes to choose from. All poly bags are FDA approved for direct food contact.

Cellophane Bags- We do not offer cellophane bags, but they can be a great option for a variety of products. Often used for gift packaging and other retail packaging products.

Paper Bags- A great designer option for many packagers. Paper bags can come in a variety of sizes and designs. We do not offer Paper Packaging Bagspaper bags online, but we do sell them to customers across the United States. Call our sales team to inquire about sizes and designs.

Fabric & Mesh Bags- Another retail packaging bag used for smaller products. Fabric bags are offered in a variety of colors and sizes. They often cost more than other bags mentioned, but offer a great touch for smaller designer products.

The bags listed are some of the more common bags used in the packaging industry. Each one has benefits and drawbacks. If you have any questions about packaging bag options, call us at 1-800-441-5090. Our sales staff would be happy to assist you with your questions.

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