Pallet Wrap – Litewrapper Film Dispsenser

We have always offered a large selection of pallet wrap options for sale online. We believe in offering customers a large variety and options when it comes to choosing stretch film and bundling film. Stretch film dispensers are one area we are currently working to expand our product offerings. There are several dispensers on the market, they can all offer different advantages to users.

This post we are going to look at the Litewrapper pallet wrap dispenser. It is a great option for users who are concerned with stretch film costs as well as ease of film application. Below are some benefits and an instructional video using the Litewrapper stretch film dispenser.

Reduced Film Weight

The Litewrapper prestretch film rolls are lighter than traditional 80 gauge stretch film. Each individual roll weighs less and requires less strength to hold when applying. One main advantage to the rolls weighing less is reduction in shipping costs to the end user. Litewrapper refill rolls cost less to ship than most other stretch films.


Cost is always and issue with any business owner. Finding a film and dispenser with a low cost that secures and protect products during transportation is the main goal for most stretch film users. If the Litewrapper meets your requirements, the cost is very attractive to most business owners. Depending on the amount ordered each time, refill rolls are typically only about 60% of the cost of traditional stretch film.

Easy Application

The Litewrapper pallet dispenser uses specially designed stretch film rolls. These rolls are made from an 80 gauge stretch film that has been stretched up to 90% of its stretchability. The advantage to the film being stretched up to 90% is less exertion is needed when applying the film. This helps reduce worker fatigue and injury. With the lightwrapper dispenser, workers can wrap pallets with one hand.

We recommend the Litewrapper film for pallets up to 1200 lbs. with no sharp edges or corners. We have several customers that use the film for much heavier applications, but we recommend it for lighter pallet loads. We can custom make a heavier film for heavier applications with a 1 pallet minimum order.

Below is a video showing the ease of set up and use. If you have any other questions feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090.

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