How To Shrink Wrap Your Products

Shrink wrap is exactly what its name conveys: It’s a plastic that shrinks when the heat is applied to it. In order to properly use it, you will need a heat gun, a sealer, and the proper shrink material. Keep in mind that when sealing and applying heat to the shrink wrap film it is important to have proper ventilation.

First, measure your products. The length, width, and depth of the product being wrapped will be required for a proper fit. Shrink wrap comes in various bag sizes, tubes, and rolls. There are multiple size formulas to use depending on the type of shrink material you choose. Consulting a knowledgeable professional is recommended before making your purchase.

Shrink tubing is great for cylindrical products that vary in length. Many users of shrink tubing do not seal the ends of the tubing. Shrink tubing is great for hoses, tubing products, candles, wires, and other long cylindrical objects.

Shrink bags are great because of the efficiency they offer the user. Instead of sealing multiple sides a shrink bag only needs one side sealed. Proper measurements and bag sizes are important when using shrink bags. Shrink wrap bags are a great option for wrapping products of the same size or close to the same size. Commonly shrink-wrapped items include CD’s, DVDs, books, etc. Another advantage to shrink bags and tubing is they only need an I-Bar sealer to be efficiently sealed. I-Bar sealers are less expensive than other sealers on the market.

Centerfold shrink rolls are the most common form of shrink wrap. They are versatile and often used in a variety of industries. Centerfold rolls can be used with high-speed machines as well as manually operated machines for smaller operations. They are the best option for users wrapping multiple sizes of products.

The two most commonly used shrink materials for shrink packaging are PVC and polyolefin. Polyethylene shrink wrap is often the most commonly recognized shrink wrap. Polyethylene is the type of shrink wrap used to wrap cases of water and soda bottles. It is a thicker stronger wrap. It lacks the clarity polyolefin and PVC shrink wrap offers.

Below is an info-graphic we have created to show step-by-step process of “How to use shrink wrap”. Once again, we do recommend calling a professional with measurements of your products before making a purchase. This will help to ensure you have chosen the proper materials and equipment.

How to use shrink wrap

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