Colored Bundling Stretch Wrap


U.S. Packaging & Wrapping is happy to introduce our colored bundling stretch wrap. Until recently we have only been able to offer colored stretch film in widths between 12 and 20 inch widths. Any stretch film between 1 inch and 5 inches in width is considered to be a bundling film. We have always offered a large variety of 3″ core and extended core clear bundling stretch wrap rolls for our customers. Our colored bundling film is a new addition of products offered to our customers.

Many people and companies choose to use a bundling film in place of tape and plastic banding to hold boxes and products together for shipping and transportation. Colored bundling film offers great advantages over clear film. With a variety of colors to choose from, businesses can color code shipments for easy identification. Similar products can be easily and quickly identified for quick shipments. Products being shipped to different destinations can also be color coded for faster identification and shipping.

Our black and white opaque bundling film is great for concealing load contents. Expensive loads can be better protected using a film that conceals the contents of the load. The opaque bundling film can also be treated with a UV inhibitor to increase the film strength and longevity in sunlight.

We offer a large selection of colors that include: blue, red, green, yellow, orange, black, and white. All colored bundling film is available in 3″ and 5″ widths. Cases with the 3″ width rolls come with 18 rolls per case and 5″ width rolls come 12 rolls per case. Each case contains a disposable handle with a built in hand brake. We offer discounts on all orders over 5 cases, call 1-800-441-5090 for a custom quote.

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