Stretch Film Dispenser for Tall Pallets

We often get calls from companies that have a hard time wrapping tall pallets. Traditional stretch film dispensers are two-handed types that require pallets to be level with the person wrapping them. They work great as long as the pallet is at arms length. When users have to bend down to wrap the bottom of the pallets or reach up, they are difficult to use and can cause pain and even injury.

We recommend a  nelson stretch film dispenser for wrapping pallets of all sizes and shapes. The nelson film dispenser extends up to 6 feet in length and allows users to wrap the tallest of pallets. It features an adjustable break and adjustable width holder. This allows the dispenser to fit film from 10 inches up to 20 inches in width.

The dispenser also folds down to easily wrap the low ends of the pallet and save the users back from bending down all the time. They are made from a sturdy aluminum to maintain a light weight yet stay durable and strong. Online we sell them for $193, but quantity discounts can save dramatically on costs.

Call 1-800-441-5090 for quantity quotes or visit us at to order online.

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