Cryovac Shrink Film Comparison

We often receive calls of people inquiring about Cryovac shrink film. Cryovac shrink film is a polyolefin shrink film made by the Sealed Air Corporation. Cryovac is an ideal film to help preserve and protect perishable food items for retail sale or storage.

Within the Cryovac shrink film family, there are a variety of different models and specs for multiple uses. The variety of Cryovac shrink film models are designed to offer specific advantages. Some different models offer advantages such as lightweight applications, heavier shrink applications, softer films to promote better contouring to irregularly shaped objects, high-speed films to run better with machines, anti-slid shrink films, perforated shrink films, and clearer shrink films.

At U.S. Packaging & Wrapping, we do not carry Cryovac Shrink film. We do carry Sealed Air shrink wrap, but not the Cryovac line. We carry the Opti shrink film line offered by Sealed Air. The Opti shrink film offered by Sealed Air is a versatile polyolefin shrink wrap that can be used for food and industrial packaging.

Here are some common traits that Cryovac shrink film and Opti shrink film offer: both are polyolefin shrink film, versatile shrink films, run well with machines, USDA Approved, they both have a wide variety of sizes available. We also offer a private label polyolefin shrink film that is cross-referenced and comparable to Sealed Air Opti shrink film.

Our polyolefin shrink film is more affordable than the Opti shrink film and is more than adequate for a variety of applications. We always ask people who call if they are wrapping food items to help establish if they truly need a polyolefin shrink film.

Polyolefin shrink film is a superior film and ideal for most any application. On the other hand, PVC shrink film is a more economical option and is a viable choice to be considered for some applications. PVC shrink wrap cannot come into direct contact with consumable products because of the chloride found in the PVC; therefore immediately you know if you are using shrink wrap for direct contact with a consumable product you cannot use PVC shrink wrap.

Many companies use shrink wrap for secondary packaging for consumable products. This secondary packaging can use a PVC shrink film. The shrink film commonly used for secondary packaging is often used to bundle multiple products together or provide tamper evidence on the exterior of the packages.

If someone is using a polyolefin shrink film for this secondary packaging with consumable products or for other products that are not consumable, we always recommend looking into using a PVC shrink wrap. We recommend having a proper ventilation system when using PVC shrink film because of the chlorine odor released when sealing and shrinking.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090 or click on the online chat button on our homepage.

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