Micron Stretch Film Technical Data

We will be writing several posts about technical data for the stretch film we offer. Our manufacturer puts their stretch film through a variety of tests to offer specific data about their film. The data is based upon ASTM Testing Method. Details of the ASTM testing method can be found here.

Micron hand stretch film is a high quality linear low-density polyethylene stretch wrap with cling on both sides. This three-layer, co-extruded film uses a standard 3” core and is available in a variety of widths. As a high-performance stretch wrap, this film is designed to securely unitize irregularly shaped and difficult-to-wrap loads.

This is a data sheet detailing the micron hand stretch film we offer.

GAUGE                                                        13MICRON                                  16MICRON                                    90G

Yield (Sq. In./Lb.)                                       50,283                                           43,100                                          —

Density (Gms.CC)                                     0.917                                              0.917                                          0.917

Roll Length (Ft.)                                         2,000                                            1,000                                          1,500

Elmendorf Tear (Gms./Sht) MD              150                                                   250                                             400
TD                                                                 400                                                  425                                              500

Haze (%)                                                       1.2                                                     1.3                                               1.8
Gloss 45 (%)                                                86                                                      86                                                 82

Ultimate Tensile MD(PSI)                      7,750                                                 8,000                                       8,750
TD(PSI)                                                      3,000                                                 3,500                                       4,500

Maximum Elongation MD(%)                  450                                                      500                                            550
TD(%)                                                           700                                                     725                                            900

The definitions for all the specified tests in this data sheet can be viewed at some of our previous blog posts. Click on the link for the testing method you are inquiring about: what is tear strength and what is tensile strength.  Our next few posts will be listing the technical data of all the stretch films we offer.

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