When is Packaging Used?

Packaging plays an important role in the world we live in. Many people do not pay any attention to the many ways that packaging impacts our lives. Before modern packaging, many of our ancestors used primitive packaging to make their lives easier. Basic packaging and carrying devices for early hunting and gathering communities were used to help transport food and other valuables during migration to other areas.

Jumping ahead to modern times we can see how packaging has evolved into much more than a basic package to carry objects. Packaging is a large industry broken down into many other industries within, to encompass a large amount of resources and time to effectively deliver, advertise, and store the products we use.

An example of some of the different sub-industries within the packaging industry are: package design, package printing, packaging machinery, packaging supplies, packaging engineering, etc. The list of the different aspects of packaging goes on. Marketing professionals use packaging to help entice people to buy products. Companies providing perishable products are interested in packaging to help preserve goods and products. Companies providing fragile products rely on packaging to help protect their products. Packaging also can help protect products during transport from the manufacturer to the distributor.

To correctly examine how packaging plays a roll in our society we first need to establish a definition for the word packaging. According to dictionary.com, packaging is an act or instance of packing  or forming packages: At the end of the production line is a machine for packaging.

At U.S. Packaging & Wrapping, we define packaging in a different way. We define packaging as a system of preparing goods for transport, distribution, storage, retailing, and use. Packaging is a system that can not perform by itself. It must have a product.

At U.S. Packaging and Wrapping we try to offer supplies that assist in all parts of the packaging definition listed above. We offer a variety of supplies to help prepare products for transport. For pallet loads, stretch film is ideal for securing and stabilizing loads into one unit. We also offer pallet covers to help protect and conceal pallet loads from exterior elements.

Supplies that can also assist in the transportation of products can be Kraft paper to provide cushioning and interleaving between products. Boxes are used for transportation and there are a variety of boxes that can help to protect your products during transportation. We also offer mailing tubes and other containers for your products. Packing tape is another important supply that helps to seal boxes and ensure your products will be protected during transportation.

Most of the products described above can also assist in the distribution and storage of products. Another great packaging supply to help assist in the storage and retailing of products is shrink wrap. Shrink wrapping individual products helps to provide a professional looking retail package as well as protecting the product from exterior elements.

Polyolefin Shrink wrap as well as other products offered at U.S. Packaging & Wrapping help to assist in packaging food products. Food packaging is another important aspect of everyday life in society today. Food packaging helps to display products that are appealing to buyers, as well as assist in preserving products. Meat film and butcher paper are commonly used in butcher shops and deli’s for wrapping meat and cold cuts. We also offer aluminum pans, aluminum foil, and saran wrap for short term storage. For long term food storage we offer freezer film that allows freezer storage for up to one year.

Look around the next time you are in a store and pay attention to the packaging your products are in. Notice how packaging is made to appeal to you and help each product stand out from the other. Also, pay attention to how packaging could help to protect a product from exterior elements. Remember that there is also commonly secondary packaging that is not usually seen by the consumer. Secondary packaging is often used for bundling products together for easier transportation and to provide protection during transportation.

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