Shrink Wrap What?

This is a continuation of a series focused on a variety of products that manufactures and resellers commonly shrink wrap. Our first post covered some food products that are commonly shrink wrapped. Then we looked at some paper products that commonly use shrink wrap for packaging.

This post will  focus on shrink wrap used for packaging toys and household products. PVC shrink wrap film is used for many of these products because they do not come into direct contact with food. In recent years there has been a shift by many manufacturers to move to polyolefin shrink wrap. Polyolefin is a superior film, but is often higher in price than PVC shrink wrap. Click here to view the advantages and disadvantages of different shrink films.

Below are a few toy and household products that are shrink wrapped for a variety of reasons.

Toys-  There are a variety of toys that are shrink wrapped for various reasons. Toys and household items are often odd-shaped and shrink wrap is an ideal packaging solution because of the ability to conform to the product. Many toy manufactures also prefer the option of having a clear package to display their products.

Shrink wrap also helps to protect toy products from dust and moisture as well as offering tamper evident packaging. There are a variety of shrink wrap films on the market tailored towards odd-shaped products.

Household Products– Some household products that are shrink wrapped  include: tools, cleaners, auto products, personal care products, pet care products, and more. Different manufacturers have different reasons for choosing to shrink wrap their products. Tools and auto products are often shrink wrapped because of the small parts that can often be lost in other packaging. Shrink wrap also helps to provide a moisture barrier between the metal in the products and the exterior environment.

Different cleaning products use shrink wrap packaging  to help identify tampered products. Normally the top spray part or caps of the products are shrink wrapped to help deter tampering. Personal care products are shrink wrapped as well to prevent tampering. Many pet care products use shrink wrap packaging to keep bones, and chewable items fresh. The shrink wrap provides and excellent barrier from exterior conditions.

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