PVC Shrink Wrap

PVC Shrink wrap is derived from Poly vinyl chloride. PVC is a plastic that differs from polyethylene because it has a chlorine atom in place of a hydrogen atom. Alone, the PVC found in PVC shrink wrap is hard and brittle. PVC also has a low thermal stability that starts as low as 212 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes PVC shrink wrap unusable unless combined with other additives.

PVC can be combined with a variety of additives, which helps to make PVC a versatile material. It can be used in hard and rigid films as well as soft plastic films. One of the most important additives is plasticizers, plasticizers help to soften PVC. PVC films that use less plasticizer feature increased barrier properties. These PVC shrink films are commonly used to shrink wrap toys, books, any secondary packaging, etc. PVC films that have more plasticizer offer excellent stretch properties and cling, helping them to be ideal for wrapping meats and produce.

PVC shrink film offers high impact strength, good scuff resistance, excellent optics, and barrier protection properties. They are also affordable and very versatile. Different formulas offer different benefits. Feel free to visit uspackagingandwrapping.com to browse several PVC shrink wrap varieties and sizes.

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