Shrink Wrap at Home

We sell our products to companies and individuals. Many of our shrink wrap customers are small start-up businesses and individuals working from home. We often get calls from individuals who are not familiar with the shrink wrapping process. People who want to effectively and affordably packaging their products for sales, storage, or display. Often times […]

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Does Shrink Wrap Work?

Does shrink wrap work for frozen products? Does shrink wrap work for protecting products? Does shrink wrap work for storing products? All common questions anyone interested in using shrink wrap for packaging or storage would ask. We are going to take the time and look at some common questions answering when does shrink wrap work […]

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Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging is generally considered any wrap or containment of a primary package. Businesses often use secondary packaging during shipping and storage to help contain, unitize, identify, and protect the products within the primary packaging. Secondary packaging can come in the form of industrial packaging or consumer packaging. Secondary industrial packaging is often not made […]

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New Shrink Wrap Machines

We are happy to announce a future increase of our shrink wrap machine and shrink system offerings. We recently released a press release highlighting the new machines. All newer listed machines will only be produced in America. We will be offering a larger selection of I-Bar machines, L-Bar machines, and shrink tunnels. We currently offer […]

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