End of Year Closeout Sale!

As the holiday season approaches and the year winds down, many companies have left over budgets to spend. Investing in materials and machinery is a great way to spend year-end budgets. We are offering an end of the year sale for just that reason.

Through the month of December we are offering free shipping in the Continental US for any order over $2000. This is a huge savings for anyone trying to order machines or supplies in bulk. Some of our stretch wrap and shrink wrap machines cost over $1000 for freight alone.

Any companies looking to mix and match material and machine orders can save as well. Orders can easily be placed online or by calling our sales team. If ordering online enter coupon code: Turkey Turkey

Some of the best products to save on free shipping are listed below.

Eagle 2000BWS stretch wrap machine

Avg. Shipping Costs $600-$900

TL-1622MK Combo Shrink Wrap Machine

Avg. Shipping Costs $350-$700

AVS Vacuum Sealer

Avg. Shipping Costs $140-$350


Stretch Film

Avg. Shipping Costs $120-$300

Call us today to place and order or request a quote!

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