How Long Does it Take To Shrink Wrap a Product.

The time it takes to shrink wrap a product depends on the equipment you are using, the film you are using, and the size of the products you are shrink wrapping. We offer a variety of shrink wrap sealers, heat guns, and film for multiple operations.

Here is a basic list of some different machines and the amount of wrapped products per minute you should be able to accomplish.

Hand Impulse Sealer & Heat Gun

With one person operating a hand impulse sealer and heat gun, one could expect 1-3 products shrink wrapped per minute. One person running the heat gun and another person operating the sealer will help to increase production.

Hand impulse sealers are great for small businesses getting started and individuals that are wanting to shrink wrap and seal a handful of products.

I-Bar & L-Bar Sealers

I-bar & L-Bar sealers will help increase your level of production from hand sealers. They are more efficient and convenient to use than the hand impulse sealers. Someone using an I-Bar or L-Bar sealer should be able to seal up to 4-12 products per minute. Using a hand heat gun, it will take longer to shrink the film than it will to seal.

We recommend using a heat tunnel if you are efficiently using your sealers. A shrink tunnel will allow the person sealing the product to place the product on the shrink tunnel conveyor belt and let the shrink tunnel do the shrinking. With a I-Bar or L-Bar sealer and shrink tunnel combination, one could expect to seal and shrink approx 6-20 products per minute.

Fully Automatic Sealers & Shrink Tunnels

Fully automatic shrink wrap systems will provide efficiency and a large amount of volume to be done. There is a large selection of fully automatic shrink wrap machines available. Fully automatic shrink wrap systems offer the ability to wrap from 25 up to 300 products per minute depending on the type of machine you choose.

You can get fully automatic systems and semi-automatic systems in one-step or two-step designs. A two-step system is described above. The two step systems have a place for sealing and then a separate place for shrinking the film. A on-step system seals and shrinks in the same location.

The one-step shrink wrapping system offers several advantages over two step systems. Such advantages include: less floor space taken, lower cost of operation, easy and efficient operation.

The amount of packages shrink wrapped per minute depends on the amount of money you spend for your automatic shrink wrap machine. They all vary in capabilities and efficiency.

How to Choose a Shrink Wrap Machine

There are a few items you need to address when considering a shrink wrap machine. Below is a list of items to consider.

Goals- What are your goals for the amount of products you need wrapped. Try to forecast your future shrink wrapping needs as well. Try to get a number of the amount of products you will need wrapped per day, month, or year.

Budget- Get an idea of the amount you are willing to spend on your shrink wrap system. Cost plays a role in the type of machines available.

Size of Products being Wrapped- Be sure to know the size and dimensions of the products you are planning to wrap. It is important to have a shrink wrap system that will accommodate all of the products you will to shrink wrap.

We offer all of the systems listed above. Some we do not offer online, but we would love to give you a quote. Feel free to fill out a quote form and one of our friendly sales reps will contact you.

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