Packaging During Transport

The transportation of goods from point of production to point of consumption involves a variety of transport modes, handling techniques, and exterior environments. With proper packaging the transportation of products can be more efficient and help reduce product loss.

The transportation of products can often cause stress and result in product loss. Designing packaging to protect, cushion, and isolate products from external forces can help to prevent thousands of dollars in product damage. Without knowing the external environment and transportation methods of the product, packaging design will not be as effective.

A variety of packaging products can be used to help protect your products during transportation. Some products to help stabilize loads during transportation include: shrink wrap, stretch film, strapping, and more. Products such as bubble wrap, Kraft paper, and newsprint  help to protect and cushion products during transportation.

Shrink wrap can help to stabilize products during transportation, but is more often used to protect products from exterior elements. Pallet covers can help to protect whole product loads from exterior elements such as UV rays, dust, and moisture. Corrugated boxes can also help to protect products from exterior elements.

There are a variety of packaging supplies available to help protect your products. The main questions to consider are: how will your products be transported, how will they be handled during transportation, and what exterior elements will they be exposed to during transportation and storage. From there you can make an educated and informed decision on which packaging supplies to use.

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