The Best Way to Ship Bath Bombs

Whether you are sending bath bombs to a loved one for a gift or a retailer selling them online, it is essential to package them well for shipping. Bath bombs are the epitome of relaxation, and they come in a variety of colors and designs. They smell great and add to your bath, making them functional and fun. Broken or destroyed bath bombs can negate relaxation and induce anxiety from the dust and crumbs left behind.

You can ship bath bombs anywhere you need to, but it is important to package them, so they arrive in one piece. Start by shrink wrapping your bath bombs, which will provide a protective barrier and preserve their look and scent. Most importantly, shrink wrap helps catch any fragments or broken pieces damaged during shipping. A protective shrink wrap prevents messes for customers if the bath bomb is dropped during shipping.

The Benefits of Shrink Wrapping Bath Bombs

When you wrap your bath bombs, it is essential to make sure that people see the vibrant colors and smell them. It would be best to have packaging to protect the bath bomb and prevent it from breaking apart, but you also want to show off its colors and scent.

Heat shrink wrapping offers a clear view of the product while preventing particles from going everywhere if dropped. Small vent holes let air escape while the material is shrinking, and these same tiny holes allow you to smell scent while the bomb is fully wrapped. Shrink wrapping is a protective wrap around the bath bomb, but it still displays looks and smells.

If customers drop the bath bomb, it won’t flake or break apart, and it is easy to open when they are ready to use it. Shrink bags are the most accessible material to use when you shrink wrap bath bombs. The heat sealer seals the bag closed, and the heat gun shrinks the bag around it. It is protective, and it looks great when you finish.

Do I Need a Shrink Wrap Sealer Machine to Shrink Wrap Bath Bombs?

Although some people shrink wrap their bath bombs with a hairdryer, it won’t necessarily create a seal. The heat gun will help mend the material but does not create much of a seal and certainly not a professional look. The most affordable shrink wrap option is shrink wrap bags, a heat sealer, and a shrink gun. You can use the heat sealer to close the shrink wrap bag, and then the shrink gun will shrink it around the bath bomb. You can use this combination for 200 bath bombs a day or less, and it costs less than $200.

If you plan to sell more bath bombs, you might want a larger machine, it will work faster and wrap more bath bombs per day. Shrink film rolls instead of shrink bags are necessary for larger and more efficient machines. You can choose different types of shrink film with various features. The centerfold shrink film allows operators to slide the bath bombs into the shrink film quickly for sealing. The shrink tunnel shrinks the material down much faster than a heat gun.

The shrink machine should have perforators when wrapping bath bombs. These small holes allow the scent to emit after the product is packaged. The finished product will have a strong seal with perforations in the film. Customers will see the product and open them on arrival.

Steps to Shipping Your Bath Bombs

You can follow these steps when you want to ship your bath bombs.

  1. Shrink Wrap the Bath Bomb

The first step is to shrink wrap the bath bomb to protect it and arrive at its destination in one piece. You can place the bath bomb in a shrink wrap bag and then secure the bag with a heat sealer. Make sure a round wire sealer is used to seal and cut excess film.

The shrinking can be done with a heat gun or shrink tunnel. With a heat gun, shrinking the film is the most time-consuming part of the process. A heat gun works fine for shrink wrapping a few bath bombs daily. For higher production and more efficiency, a shrink tunnel is preferred.

2. Wrap and Package the Bath Bomb

When shrink wrapping, determine if the bath bombs will be wrapped individually or multi-packed. After fully enclosed in shrink film, use void-fill cushioning to protect the bath bombs.

Traditionally bubble wrap or packaging peanuts have been used. Many people now use recycled Kraft paper or starch packaging peanuts for less environmental impact. Either option you choose, be sure the bath bombs have limited movement within the package. The purpose of the fill is to reduce movement and cushion impacts. 

If shipping multiple individually packaged bath bombs, we recommend wrapping each individually with a cushioning material after each is shrink wrapped. Individual wrapping will keep bombs from breaking on each other during transport. After each bath bomb is wrapped individually, use void fill within the package to limit movement and provide additional protection during transport.

3. Choose a Shipping Service

You will have different options for shipping your bath bombs, with USPS often being a lower cost but taking longer for delivery. 

UPS is a top-rated option for shipping parcels to business and residential locations. They are rough with packages, and proper protection is essential. 

The last popular option is Fed Ex. They have comparable rates to UPS, but faster delivery times for closer shipments. Like UPS, Fex Ex can be hard on shipments; however, they proved to damage packages less than other carriers in our damaged packaged study.

4. Ship Your Bath Bombs

The last step is to buy your postage or a label and ship the bath bombs. Initially, the post office or UPS store can help with shipping. If frequent shipments are probable, setting up an account with a shipper saves. Scheduling daily pick-ups will also keep on time from dropping loads off at a store.

Final Words

When you send bath bombs to friends or customers, it is vital to ensure they are protected and hold their shape, effectiveness, and scent. The best way to ship bath bombs is to use shrink wrap with a heat sealer and a shrink gun. It is a primary package to protect the bath bomb and other contents within the box.

Using shrink wrap will help ensure that the bath bomb doesn’t break or flake apart while shipping. It will also prevent the bath bomb from degrading before the customer receives it and uses it. Once wrapped, protecting the product from damage in shipping is very important. All of the major carriers can be hard on packages. Take all of the steps you can to protect your bath bombs during shipping.

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