Dependable, Affordable Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses

When running a small business, the packaging is one of the first impressions of your product. The proper packaging can be appealing, functional, and budget-friendly.

Packaging is more than the means of transporting and protecting products. It plays a more critical role in consumer decisions than you may have considered. Packaging is a way to market your small business, impress your customers, and set the tone for quality.

If your small business operates on a tight budget, get creative. It doesn’t always take a large budget to create affordable options. Low-cost ideas like Kraft paper can be equally impressive.   

Read on to discover small business packaging ideas for companies on a budget. 

Evaluate Business Needs 

Consider your business needs.

What products do you ship? Are your products heavy, lightweight, small, large, etc. Understanding what you are sending will help determine the materials and packaging you will need.

Maybe you are not shipping products; they are for shelf display only. The route from you to the customer should be considered when determining the proper packaging.

Who is your customer base? Retail vs. Industrial customers may expect different packaging. Retail packaging requires more subtle packaging, and industrial may require heavy duty packaging materials to protect products.

What are their expectations? For example, fragile products may require more expensive care. Customers expect these products to arrive intact!

Dependable packaging is vital. It’s essential to consider individual business needs so you can find an appropriate packaging product.

Small Business Packaging Budget 

As a small business owner, you know the importance of a budget. Packaging must be in your budget plan. Don’t make the mistake of choosing products solely based on price.

While affordable packaging is crucial for your budget and business operations, you don’t have to skimp on quality and options.

For example, many times a simple white envelope fits the bill for professional parcel packaging. This is an affordable and classic solution. Once you have your budget clear, you can choose items that are the right price. 

Packaging 101 

Envelopes? Flat boxes? Bubble wrap?

How do you know which option is right for your business? U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC packaging library has a collection of information pages to help you choose the perfect one.

You can learn more about what options are available. There are even videos and photos to guide you through the application process. 

Creative Ideas 

Packaging can be an excellent opportunity to get creative and attract customers. Don’t be afraid of color, pattern, or mixing and matching materials.

For example, an array of colorful tissue paper packed inside a box can be a fun surprise for your customer. A patterned shipping box with complimentary interior print is another delightful design trick. 


Try the layering technique. This tip is helpful for luxury products or any business that wants to make customers feel special.

Try placing a box within a box. Or, use silky jewelry bags, fabric pouches, and envelopes. Your customer will have fun unboxing and peeling each layer to discover your product.  


For small quantities, the option of repurposing materials for packaging can work as well. Some companies have chosen vintage newspapers for packaging. Other companies use Kraft sheets that may be lying around from other projects.

Old cardboard cores can be used to package products in need of protection during shipping. Using cardboard and tape, the end of the core is capped off, and the product is closed inside. Perfect for shipping delicate parts or other items that can not be damaged during shipping.

Expert Wrapping 

Tissue paper is a good option. But, if your budget, time, and skillset allow, consider wrapping paper. A beautifully wrapped product is an elegant way to make an impact on delivered products. 

Of course, the customer base for the wrapping paper you choose matters. More intricate and ornate wrapping papers may be more for retail items. Solid colored paper may be used to help conceal the box of an expensive product or industrial use item.

Shrink Wrap Systems 

Shrink wrapping is affordable and can work with many product shapes and sizes. There are a wide variety of economical and high-quality shrink wrap options for large and small product packaging. Someone wanting to wrap up to 150 products per day can easily purchase an I bar shrink wrap system.

There are I bar sealers from products up to 3 ft. long. If someone wants to wrap more products daily, many options are available to package up to 5,000 products daily before moving on to a fully automatic shrink wrap machine.

Poly Bags  

Poly bags are an effective and affordable solution. These bags can work for several different products and applications. When properly sealed, a clear poly bag can protect products from moisture, dust, and many other exterior elements.

Poly bags work well for loose candies or even tool parts like grommets or brackets. But, the bags can be used for other business ideas like fashion accessories, baked goods, and more. Marketing labels and brochures can be enclosed within the bag for a professional exterior look. Best of all, bags and a sealer can often be purchased for less than $200!   

Impulse Sealer 

Do you sell products that need sealing? An impulse sealer is a professional way to seal product bags. Investing in one of these devices is a wise business decision that could help save you money and aggravation over time.

An impulse sealer will seal poly bags, shrink bags, polypro bags, and co-extruded bags. The flat wire impulse sealers provide a thicker seal for heavier materials. The round wire sealers are for making a thinner seal and cut to remove excess material. The round wire sealers are best for use with lighter materials.

Kraft Paper for Affordable Packaging

Kraft paper is one of the most affordable and easiest ideas. Kraft paper is sold in bulk roll or sheet form. Stretching your budget further by allowing you to package more products with fewer materials.

Kraft paper can also be a blank canvas for your business. For example, you can stamp Kraft paper with your business logo to personalize an order. Or, you can wrap Kraft paper boxes in twine to create a rustic look. Find a Kraft paper made from recycled products and include “packaged with recycled materials” on the packaging to show environmental consciousness.

Marketing Opportunities 

If you paid for a billboard advertisement, you would not leave an inch of white space. Use that tactic when designing.

Whether it’s a poly bag, traditional box, or Kraft paper envelope, there is an opportunity to place your logo, contact information, or branding. These marketing opportunities help customers remember your business and product. A printed brochure, catalog, or thank you gift is always a hit with customers. 

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

Before you finish packaging your product, don’t forget to tell your customer “thank you.” This is a final opportunity to get creative! A simple thank you for the business or a story about how their purchase helps others through charity can be inspiring and help to win back customers.

You can create custom thank you stickers or add business cards. Or, you may even wish to include a personalized thank you note. These small tokens of gratitude will go a long way with your customer. You may even inspire them to reorder. 

Want to Grow Your Small Business? Invest in Packaging! 

Once you understand your business needs and customer expectations, you can choose packaging that helps identify your brand, protect your products, and grow your business. When it comes to budget, remember that affordable packaging options can be a great start!

You should consider small business packaging ideas to impress your clients. Get creative in your approach and thank your customers for their business with a quick note or sticker.

If you are looking for affordable ideas for your small business, contact U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC to discuss packaging options.

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