Five Commonly Stretch Wrapped Products

Stretch wrapping for product protection is one of the most cost efficient and effective ways to help ensure safe transport. Whether wrapping by hand or machine, companies use stretch wrap all around the world.

The products being wrapped can vary substantially. Most companies using stretch wrap are unitizing multiple products into one load, but some use stretch film for exterior product protection.

In this post, we are going to detail some the most commonly stretch wrapped products across the globe. The different products detailed use a variety of different film widths, thicknesses, and types.

  1. Boxes

Stretch Wrapped Boxes

The majority of retail products bought and sold throughout the world are bulk packed in corrugated boxes. Once multiple bulk packed boxes are filled, they are palletized for shipment.

The type of stretch film can vary depending on two major factors. The overall weight of the pallet load and how the stretch wrap is applied.

The latter can easily be determined by either hand or machine film depending on the application. Determining the right film for the overall weight of the pallet can be tricky. Other factors such as the pallet height and load type come into play.

Most companies wrapping pallets of boxes have gone to alternative high-performance resin formulas or pre-stretched stretch film. The alternative resin stretch film enables users to use a thinner film while still ensuring a secure load. These alternative mixtures are available in multiple thicknesses and different names. Finding the proper high-performance film to properly secure palletized boxes is highly recommended. It can save companies thousands of dollars annually.

Pre-stretch film is a standard gauged film stretched up to 90% of the total stretch rate and put onto a roll. The pre-stretch film requires very little stretch during application. It is an excellent option for light uniform box loads.

  1. Barrels

Stretch Wrapped Barrels

Barrels are made from a variety of materials and come in different sizes and shapes. Common pallet loads include four 55 gallon barrels that can be filled with an assortment of different goods including grains, liquids, chemicals, and many other products.

Most pallet loads containing barrels are heavy. Because of the weight of many palletized barrels, they are often wrapped with thicker premium film.

The most commonly known stretch film thickness is an 80 gauge thickness. Most all palletized barrels use at least a 115 gauge stretch film thickness and some use up to a 150 ga. thickness determined by the overall weight of the pallet.

  1. Furniture

Stretch Wrapped Furniture

New furniture is often stretch wrapped for transport from the manufacturer to the retailer. Many pieces of furniture do not fit on a pallet and are shipped individually. The stretch wrap used to wrap a new piece of furniture is often used for exterior protection during transport.

The film used for transportation is often removed from the piece once it reaches the retail showroom. The film used is for exterior protection only and does not require load tension. The most affordable option for this use is a pre-stretched film. The pre-stretched film offers exterior protection at an affordable cost.

  1. Wood

Stretch Wrapped Firewood

Wood of all different cuts and varieties is stretch wrapped for transportation around the world. Lumber is often banded and does not often use stretch film, but most firewood and other raw wood products are stretch wrapped.

Firewood is one of the most common stretch wrapped wood products. Many companies selling firewood choose to use a vented stretch film for curing. Once the wood is cut, it needs to cure for several months before being ready for burning. The vented stretch film allows moisture to escape the palletized wood to prepare it for burning.

After the wood is cured it is often chopped into smaller pieces for burning. The wooden bundles are commonly wrapped with a stretch film ranging from 2 inches wide up to 10 inches wide. The most common thickness for wrapping wood bundles is a 90 gauge thickness.

  1. Bottles and Cans

Pallet of Bottled Water

Case packed bottles and cans are palletized and shipped all over the world. Most liquids are either packed in bottles or cans. Because they are consumable products they are constantly shipped in high volume to retailers.

Pallet loads of bottles and cans can be extremely heavy depending on the pallet height. Most pallets of bottles and cans range from 1800 lbs. – 2800 lbs. Though the pallet loads are often heavy, they are uniform and lack sharp edges and corners.

Many companies choose a thicker high-performance resin stretch film for wrapping pallets of bottles and cans. The thicker high-performance film is often more cost-effective than a premium stretch film while not compromising load security.


These popular five products detailed show only a handful of applications and varieties of stretch wrap on the market. Companies wrapping several loads of products annually should strongly consider the different films available on the market.

Finding the right stretch film to secure or protect the product being wrapped at an affordable price will save on film costs and damaged loads. Call our sales staff at 1-800-441-5090 with questions about stretch wrap applications and we will do our best to offer the right stretch film at the right price.


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